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Terms and Condition of Use Agreement Policy


Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before accessing, continuing, or participating in the Human Meat Project. By accessing The Human Meat Project website, mobile or tablet application, or any other platform (paper registration form) you agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions we provide. If you do not agree or accept all of these terms, then you may not use or participate in our project. In these Terms, “we”, “us”, “our” or “Human Meat Project” refers to the Conceptual Art Project of the Human Meat Project, and “your” or “your” refers to you as the user’s participation in the art project.

1.     How it works

This is purely a conceptual art project and will not be acted out in real life.


1.1   Our role

The Human Meat Project merely provides conceptual artwork. The project and website (www.humanmeatproject.com) contains pages featuring information on the art project, participants’/donators’ information, terms and conditions, consent rights and privacy rights, but the existence of these pages on the Website or Paper form does not and is not intended to be act in a real life nor deliberately/attempting to break the UN and any legal constitution law existing worldwide. Human Meat Project is a conceptual art project to give an understanding of the importance of accepting any services’ policy and agreements. 


1.2   Registration/Participating

By registering/participating in the Human Meat Project, you will provide us with the truthful personal information of your information which will be required to be accessed and analyzed in the Human Meat Project’s database.

You will give us the legal right to process your data in future art projects of the artist’s involvement in terms of conceptualization-research and further data usage to develop the Human Meat Project or any other development of the artist’s project research in similar aspect of development in the future upon the artist’s research, data collections and aspects in creation of an art project.



2.     Use of information

With collecting data from participants during an art exhibition, we can gain more insight and deliver more tangible conceptual artwork that might resonate with the general audience, regardless of their prior knowledge of art.


2.1 How we use your registration data

Your registration data and personal information will be treated respectfully and within the current governing law stated for usage and privacy policy. The information you have given to us is to be used in the future art project development for consideration and critical development of an art concept, by this we mean to collect and build a database to review possible development(s) which the artist gains upon collecting your data in this project. All your data will be saved for further artwork development by the artist, and in no means to be acted upon in reality.

2.2 Why we need your data

With the data you have provided, we can gather data that can help the artist to further develop their conceptual artwork. Our goal is to create an artwork that represents the current society as true as possible and can be accepted by the art world and non-art world. We are aware there is a high rate of non-art people who are unable to understand or relate with modern artworks, thus, we want to create an artwork that resonates with the public and change how art can be delivered and perceived without any art knowledge.


2.3. Delivering data

In delivery of your personal data, you have a right to refuse the possibility of an outsider/third party to use your data. We show(present) the result of this project to the art academy and(or) institute in the Human Meat Project exhibitions.


2.4. How we access your data

All data submitted will be securely saved in our database system, and only limited information will be given or shown to the public and (or)academic institutions in the presentation of the Human Meat Project.


2.5 Personal information

By giving us your personal information you have agreed with how we will access and evaluate your data in our system and also to deliver your data as an example and study research.



3.     Disclosure to Third Parties


3.1. How your information is shared to the public

Only your consent and rights of how we will show to the public are made visible. If you requested to be anonymous, only required information that doesn’t show any personal identity or implementations will be shared publicly.


3.2. Third Parties indirect and direct access of your information

We used third parties’ platforms in order to create our website and donation form, which may result in your data being collected in the platforms we used. Terms of agreements and privacy policy will be followed by the third parties’ conditions.


3.3. Liability of Third Parties using your information

We hold no liability for how third parties use/analyze your data, however we will try our best to preserve your privacy and rights of data’s usages. We are bound by EU privacy regulations and will act accordingly.



4. Rights of Users


4.1 Our objectivity

Our project’s aim is to address the Rights of User in every digital application(s) and digital platform(s) which is being subjected to the digital service terms and agreement policy. The Human Meat Project is a conceptual art project which encourages the public to read the policy and shows how company services’ limit our rights in the services they provide.


4.2 Privacy opt out

Human Meat Project gives the users/participants the choice to opt out their personal information that may be possibly used by third parties. You can choose to opt out: Name and Picture; that might be used to identify your identity and personal life. (By showing your name, pictures and date/place of birth; might be used by third parties to identify you in: census data; search engine(s); social platform(s)).


4.3 Information requirements for The Human Meat Project

Human Meat Project will present every information you have provided to us, in exception of ‘Privacy Opt Out’, we will disclose your name and picture. However, we are still required to show the rest of your information in presentation and(or)exhibition as factual participating data (see article 2, Use of Information).


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