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Quality Control

How we Select our Donors

We make sure our donors are healthy, and without any contagious diseases, health issues, or medications or substances which might be absorbed by people who consume their meat.

Health Risk

Donors who have medical conditions such as AIDS/HIV, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), hepatitis (HAV/HBV/HCV/HDV/HEV), cancer, tuberculosis, or rabies will be rejected in order to prevent risk to the consumer.

There are also other medical condition that might prevent donors from being accepted, such as diabetes, hormone treatments or mental disorders.

Rejected Donation

In case of rejected donation:

If a donor has any medical condition that can be transferred human to human, they cannot be a donor.

If a donor has an active cancer, they cannot donate up until the time the cancer has gone into remission or been removed and will have to wait a minimum of one year after the last treatment or procedure. If a donor has a partial remission, they will have to wait a minimum of one year after the procedure and will go through a medical check up to ensure no medications remain in the body. If a donor has gone through full remission after one year, they can be a human meat donor.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life is a rating system of human meat quality.

Every donor that has gone through our quality control procedure and assessment will be rated based on the quality of their life (health and wellness).

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