What is consent and what it means for you

Upon registering to be human meat donor, every donor must give their consent and rights to the Human Meat Project for processing the application and information to be in our system.

We will use your data only for labeling your meat and(or) organs accordingly.

Human Meat Project process every donation applications and store it in our database to further improve the meat donation system in the future as well delivering the best quality of human meat to be consume.

By registering to become a meat donor, you(donor), give us the followings:

  • The consent over your body for medical and health evaluation, to be terminated (if End Date is chosen), and to be harvested. The consent and rights to be consumed by other human beings.
  • The consent to be labeled and listed in donor list as well as a Meat Label.
    If a donor wish to withdraw or change their choices, please contact our customer service to start the deletion of data.

Your whole body can feed up to 40 people*