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We understand the importance of digital data in our daily life. With advance technology and information expanding rapidly the protection of our sensitive data and identity is a step we must take every time we access any digital platforms or internet services.

In order to keep our donors’ personal(sensitive) information from unwanted parties. Human Meat Project provides ‘Opt Out’ option for donor whom wish to be a private donator.

We, Human Meat Project strongly advised for every one who wish to partake in our cause to read carefully on our ‘terms and condition’ and ‘consent’ throughly.

Opt Out

Every donor can make a choice of ‘Opt Out’ to disclose the followings:

  • Name
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Gender

Privacy and Consent

The Importance of Meat Label Just like beef from Australia, or USA, or New Zealand and any other countries, Human Meat Project must stated the origins and information for every donated meat and(or) organs to the public. Only ‘Opt Out’ information will be mark as N/A. Every other information a donor has filled in will be shared to the public in our donor list page and listed on the Meat Label.

In every selection the Human Meat Project offers there will be a ‘Quality of Life’ ratings. Quality of Life is based on the physical condition of the most donor’s body, their lifestyle, habit, medical history. The more cleaner a person lives and(or) the healthier their life choices will receive a higher rating.

With this, we are encouraging for future human meat donor to live a better life as well to improve living conditions globally to achieve a high ‘Quality of Life’ ratings.

Your whole body can feed up to 40 people*