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Living Donor

We will only harvest a whole body from a donor after a natural death has occurred. The donor’s body will then be evaluated to see whether it is up to our standards. If the meat donor is also an organ donor, we will only harvest in accordance with the donor’s request and contact the donor organization for harvesting. If the donor wants to donate certain body parts while alive, we highly advise the donor to consider the lifelong disability that may ensue.

How it will impact your life (forever)

A donor can donate certain parts of their body or organs (except for vital organs like the brain and heart) and continue living after donation. However, becoming a living donor will affect your life forever. It could be a minimum disturbance or change the way you live forever. Living donors must be aware that depending on what they donate, it may lead to difficulties or detrimental impacts on their mental health and personal life.

To become a living donor, the donor must make sure they fully understand the risk and circumstances they will have to live with, including the possibility of disability, psychological problems (e.g., missing limb syndrome), health problems, financial problems and more. The possibilities depend on what and how much the donor will donate. We will not harvest any parts or organs that could risk a serious life-threatening outcome for the donor.

The donor must sign a legal agreement stating they are aware and accept the risk of being a Living Donor. After the donation occurs, the donor will be put into a convalescent program to educate them about the new life they will live.

Every living donation carries a risk. Human Meat Project will not take any living donation if the donor shows any hesitation or doubt and will cancel the donation contract immediately.

Your whole body can feed up to 40 people*