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R.O.P – Rights Of Peace

Every human life is valuable and acknowledged. At Human Meat Project, we highly value our donors’ rights when they are both alive and deceased.

Rights of Peace mean that even when a donor has donated their entire body for consumption and had their life terminated, their rights will still be active. For example, if a donor opted out of having their identity be public, we will respectfully avoid disclosing their identity. In addition, every choice and decision a donor makes after harvesting is still valid and binding.

A donor’s Rights of Peace are entrusted to the donor’s legal representation or next of kin. If a donor does not assign or have next of kin, we will follow any agreement made prior to harvesting.

Even beyond death, every human still carries their Rights of Peace. We believe every life is everlasting. No life will be forgotten or dismissed.

Your whole body can feed up to 40 people*